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Food Unknown Trailer

Genre: Travel | Food,

Format: 5x60'HD

Availability: Available NOW

Synopsis: In this new series Jonathan Legg hones in on an extended mission: Find the world?s most unpopular and under-represented cuisines. What do they tell us about the culture? Why have they not been embraced globally? Whether ripping motorcycles through misty Irish backroads, galloping horses through the mongolian plains, or snapping sails down the sunny Croatian coast all regions are explored. And From runny duck fetuses, to jiggly blood pudding, to stuffed camel carcasses all edibles are consumed. It?s a culinary adventure full of mishaps, risk, and the most unloved food on the planet. Is it buried in obscurity, is about to emerge, or is it just bad? Come find out on the Road Less Traveled: Food Unknown. .
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